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Queensland Geo Tech Drilling and Environmental Drilling Specialists

Operating throughout Queensland with a centrally located depot at Yatala on the northern Gold Coast, Hinterland Drilling offers a wide variety of high-quality Geotech and environmental drilling services for Queensland and New South Wales projects. As a leading drilling contractor, we have successfully provided geotechnical and environmental drilling to engineers and project managers in the government and commercial sectors. We specialise in a range of geotechnical and Environmental services including, instrumentation installation of vibrating wireline piezometers, inclinometers and monitoring wells for Bridges, Roads, Highrise Building, Tunnelling, tailing storage facilities and infrastructure projects.

Leading Drilling Contractor in Southeast Queensland

With an experienced team of geotechnical drilling operators and offsiders, Hinterland Drilling has a reputation for fast, efficient, quiet and environmentally sensitive geo-tech drilling. We specialise in difficult ground conditions and terrain that many drilling operations just cannot access. Hinterland Drilling is often called upon to complete drilling projects that others have failed to complete- whether it's drilling for core sampling, geo tech drilling, environmental drilling or anything in between, we can handle it. With one of Australia’s most technically advanced rigs, we relish the opportunity to test our skills on all projects from Highrise construction, residential, civil, quarrying, mining and gas.

Australian owned and operated, Hinterland Drilling’s goal is to provide the right drilling services, paired with our own experienced and certified operators to suit the requirements of your project. Hinterland Drilling can offer robust all-terrain drilling rigs and four-wheel drive support vehicles. In addition to difficult terrain, the Comacchio GEO 601 offers low noise impact making it perfect for operation in residential areas such as recently on Cross River Rail for the Queensland Government. This enables our team to extend our drilling services to some of Australia’s most inaccessible and sensitive regions. From inground instrumentation to world-class drilling contractors, Hinterland Drilling are the team of experts you can rely on.


Depot centrally located at Yatala on the Gold Coast servicing Brisbane, QLD and NSW

Operating from Queensland’s northern Gold Coast, Hinterland Drilling is perfectly positioned to access all areas of South East Queensland, South West Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 

Some of the services Hinterland Drilling offer include:

  • Geo-tech Drilling 
  • Environmental Drilling
  • Core Drilling
  • Rotary Mud
  • Production Drilling
  • Auger Drilling
  • Core Sampling
  • Inground Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Rock Coring
  • NMLC and HQ3 Wireline Core Drilling
  • STP Sampling
  • Wash Bore Drilling
  • Quarry, Civil and Mining and Commercial.
  • Packer Testing
  • Grouting and Decommissioning of Monitoring Wells

SERVICES: GeoTechnical Drilling, Environmental Drilling and More

Servicing all areas of Queensland with a particular focus on Brisbane, South East Queensland and New South Wales


At Hinterland Drilling we have built a reputation as industry leaders in environmental and geotech drilling, with the latest track drilling rigs and an experienced & licensed team of drilling contractors.

Our drilling team offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical and environmental drilling, sampling and testing services for all types of applications. With extensive experience gained from many years spent undertaking a broad scope of drilling and investigation projects.


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    Safety at Hinterland Drilling is of the highest priority. All drilling machinery is fitted with emergency shut off’s to reduce the risk of incidents. For mining projects, including production drilling, all our rigs are fitted with mine compliant safety cages. Paired with our safety conscious and certified drilling operators, downtime associated with hazardous risks on the project can be reduced. This key focus on safety has contributed to Hinterland Drilling being placed on the Government’s preferred contractor list.

    Regardless of the size of the project, it must be built on a suitable foundation. The key to this is knowing the type of ground soil the project is being built on. Having successfully worked alongside geotechnical engineers, Hinterland Drilling has a great deal of borehole drilling experience to readily provide information vital to producing core samples. Hinterland Drilling is renowned for retrieving core samples in the most difficult ground conditions, allowing engineers to plan their projects accurately.



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