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At Hinterland Drilling we have built a reputation as industry leaders in environmental and geotech drilling, with the latest track drilling rigs and an experienced team of drilling contractors. While we are based on the Sunshine Coast, our drilling specialists regularly operate throughout the South East Queensland areas, Brisbane, regional Queensland & Northern New South Wales. We're industry leaders in core sampling, rock coring, environmental drilling, Geo Tech drilling, inground instrumentation and more. 

We provide drilling services for infrastructure projects, resources projects and urban projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Preferred Provider of Geotechnical Investigation and Drilling Services

We are dedicated to maintaining a consistently high standard of accuracy and efficiency in providing services for geotechnical engineers and are a preferred provider of geotechnical investigation and drilling services for the Queensland Government. Hinterland Drilling regularly supports the civil construction, government and commercial sectors.

Wide Range of Services

Our drilling team offer a comprehensive range of geotechnical and environmental drilling, sampling and testing services for all types of applications. With extensive experience gained from many years spent undertaking a broad scope of drilling and investigation projects, our team are versatile and can fulfil your complete commercial and industrial demands. Some of the wide range of services we provide include:

  • Geotech drilling
  • Environmental Drilling
  • Core Drilling
  • Rotary Mud
  • Production Drilling
  • Auger Drilling
  • Inground Instramentation
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Rock Coring
  • NMLC and QG3 Wireline Core Drilling
  • SPT Sampling
  • Wash Bore Drilling
  • Quarry, Civil and Mining and Commercial
  • Packer Testing
  • Grouting and Decommissioning of Geotech Bore Holes

Short and Long-term Wet Hire Services

Our wet hire services are affordable and individually customised to more effectively accommodate our client's industrial, commercial or civil drilling and core sampling needs. We offer both short and long-term wet hire and will travel Australia-wide for longer projects. All our drilling operators are experienced, fully certified, they are also trained and certified in worksite safety standards.


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For further information on our drilling rig or wash bore drilling, environmental drilling, geotech drilling and instrument installation, call us today. We can also provide an obligation free quote on request with competitive rates guaranteed. Our drilling contractors are committed to minimising the environmental impact of drilling.


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