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Hinterland Drilling is a leading supplier of geotechnical drilling contracting services in Queensland. Our highly advanced drilling technology and experienced team allows us to undertake multidisciplinary drilling services for investigation, structural design, geologic mapping, exploration, and much more.

Hinterland Drilling supplies wet hire equipment for geotechnical drilling services throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland and Northern NSW.

Geotech Drilling Services Available

At Hinterland Drilling we specialise in exploratory drilling, testing and installation of instrumentation for a broad scope of commercial and industrial applications. Our Geotech drilling services are primarily used to investigate sub-surface ground characteristics for a wide range of infrastructure development requirements which include: investigation of pipeline alignments, feasibility and upgrade investigations for hydro electric dams and tailings storage, foundation design for high rise building, bridge construction and road network evaluation.

We regularly provide geotechnical drilling services for utility, construction, mining, gas and consulting companies. Our drilling experts hold Certificate IV, Certificate III, Certificate II in Drilling Operations, Drillers License Class 1 for Geotechnical Investigations & Monitoring Bores (Endorsements covering - auger drilling, wash bore drilling, NMLC coring, wire line coring, air drilling, hammer drilling and grouting / decommissioning of bore holes.) NSW Water Bore License and a Certificate II in drilling, which enables them to undertake all types of drilling projects.

Safe and modern track drilling rig

Our Geotech drilling rig, the Comacchio GEO 601, is the latest 2021 design currently available in Australia. It enables our drilling team to achieve precise results on every geotechnical drilling project. Our experience combined with state of the art equipment allows us to successfully undertake difficult projects in adverse conditions and environments which allows us to give to retrieve accurate sampling for the client.


Drilling Contracting Services

Whatever the scope of your geotech drilling project, we have safe and modern drilling equipment and drill rigs and an experienced team of drilling operators to complete it quickly and efficiently. All Hinterland Drilling staff have received in-depth training in work site safety and have workplace safety procedures in place. With a diverse range of project site experience across all disciplines of Geotechnical drilling projects, Hinterland Drilling caters to all projects large and small.


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To discover more about the services we provide for geotechnical drilling services we offer, our drilling rig models or drilling contractors, call our friendly team today. Or to learn more, visit our blog about 'what is geotechnical drilling?'.


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